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how to do seo for bing search engine?

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how to do seo for bing search engine?
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Pretty much the same way you do SEO for Google.
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- First add website on Bing Webmaster tool.

- Create Bing Local Business page just like Google Page.

- Other ON-Page and Off page is same as you are doing for Google.

- For Bing: Exact keywords are best here not synonyms like Google.

- Keywords- Bing does not do well with broad-matching keywords, so when optimizing make sure you use exact keywords for exact ranking on Bing’s search results.

- Social Signal - Within Google, it is not totally clear where they stand with social signals, but Bing has made it clear that social media plays an extremely important role in their ranking factors.

- Backlinks are important for all search engine rankings, but it appears as though they are especially important for Bing rankings.

- For bing User searching behavior may be different so search for keywords inside bing webmasters tool.
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First of all- submit the website to Bing webmasters tool.

2. Also, you can submit into Bing.

3. You can Create Bing Local Business page (just like Google Page)

On-page and off-page optimization process is same as for other search engines.
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SEO website as with google and ping up bing webmastertool
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Same as Google Search engine, SEO strategy never changed.
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Bing is very much useful. I enhanced a web site of my own for bing and I am getting reasonable visitors from them. Those that are into online promotion and cpc ads would comprehend what I mean when I said Bing is very much useful.
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Bing is a popular search engine in some countries and its SEO strategies are same as Google.For Bing you do get Bing webmaster tool for checking information on your site as similar to Google search Console

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