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how to hide ip address

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how to do so
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use this extension in chrome to hide your Ip "hidemyass" It may help you.
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Simply use proxy server! Google for "free proxy server list" then in your web-browser go to the network settings and choose to use proxy server this will change your IP address to whatever server you use!

Use anonymous proxy if you really want to hide IP!
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If you just need to close ip at one time or need a lot of different ip address, it would be the best proxy.
If you need quality and reliable safety and protection of your traffic is better to VPN.
However, for the best protection recommend VPN + proxy. And best of double or triple VPN + proxy.
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Hi! One relatively simple and the best ways to hide your IP-address is to use a proxy server (http, socks or private).
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I recommend to buy a list of IP-addresses of proven proxies on the website http://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/. For relatively little money, you get the opportunity to anonymously visit almost any website. Good luck!
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There are lot of free and paid vpn software. Use one to hide your ip address.

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