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how to improve local search?

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i am doing seo for these websites. my website are not doing well in local google search. how can i improve local search.
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Use Google Plus as your business page and then go to town posting on G+ on relevant pages, posts and communities.

Also consider generating some backlinks to that business page!
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In local search, first of all submit your website's listing into Google Business. After that, work on the targeted keywords as local search of your website. For example if you are providing web design services and your local target market is chicago then use the city name as anchor text with your keywords such as web design chicago, website design services in chicago, etc.
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Great Post.
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great post..use google plus
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For Local SEO:

Enlst your website to Local Business Listings
Create Google+ page
Use keywords which have local area names
Use local keywords in title, alt, h1, meta tags in HTML codes
Create backlinks and internal linking using local keywords
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First you should check weather your on page is perfect according to the guidelines provided by google or any other search engine, if it is perfect then what are the off page seo techniques you are following to create a back links to your website can you mentioned them?
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Target a specific keyword in a specific location.
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To improve our local search we may have to work with it in a preferred manner as it to be done in the many things of it
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You have to focus on On page if it is correct then you have to proceed towards Off page techniques. you have to create unique backlinks which will helpful

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