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how to increase blogger followers?

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how to increase blogger followers?
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Make your blog valuable first. Step back and ask you a simple question.... would I follow this blog? If the answer is YES then your are on the right track. Now the next step is to let the world know about it. Use SMM.
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Social Media will help you.
Try to engage more and more peoples
Focus on Targeted audience
Provide them genuine and informative content.
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Regular Blog update with quality content & social media sharing can increase your blogger followers.
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Increase your blog followers by increasing also its online presence. When you have a new content make sure to extend it to other platforms like social media. In that way you'll increase your followers. However, make sure that your blog and contents are worthy of reading, and valuable.
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Always provide readable and fresh content to the audience.
Post your blog on social media. That really help you increase your followers.

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