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how to rank the keyword in SERP?

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hi, I am new to this field I want to know how to rank a keyword, anyone, can you explain me latest strategies and methods.
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Step-1 Lay the Groundwork.
1. A stronger website: The longer your website has been around, accruing authority and links the better.
2. A network to draw on: In order to rank quickly for a keyword, it’s very useful to have a built-in network to share new content with.
Step-2 Do Your Initial Keyword Research
1. Choosing a keyword with good volume, but not too much volume- In general you don’t want to target a keyword that has low relative search volume if there’s an equivalent term that is much more popular.
2. Choosing a keyword that’s relevant to your business model- You’re more likely to succeed in ranking for a keyword if the term is relevant to your site and your business.
Step-3 Check Out the Competition
1. The domains and URLs – How many are exact match domains? Does every URL in the top 10 include the keyword?
2. The titles – How do the title tags incorporate the keyword?
3. The type of content that’s ranking – Product pages? Blog posts? Videos?
4. The types of businesses that are ranking – Are they huge brands? Small businesses? News sites?
5. How authoritative those sites are – You can use a plugin to check the age of the sites in the top 10, the size of their link profiles and so on.
Step-4 Conceptualize the Content
Step-5 Execute and then Optimize your keyword.
Step-6 Publish and Promote
Step-7 Analyze.
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Well it depends on mainly three things -
1. SEO - on page and off page
2. Quality of Backlinks
3. social signals

Make good relations while doing proper SEO, You will come under top ten searches. Remember never over do it.
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If your site is not in the index, you’ve been penalized and you need to investigate further to understand the issue.
If your site is indexed and has simply fallen off the rankings, it could be that other more authoritative sites have taken root and are simply outranking you.
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Have on page optimization of website with Social media marketing is a good way for ranking the website in top of search engine.
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1. Crawl Your Site
2. Do an SEO Audit and Define Your Site Architecture
3. Update URLs, Page Titles, and Meta Descriptions
4. Establish a Value Proposition
5. Define Your Target Audience
6. Plan New Page Titles
7. Add Your New Meta Description
8. Track Keywords and Topics for Each Page
9 Review and Edit Page Content as Needed
10. Incorporate Visual Content
11. Link It Up
12. Optimize for Conversions

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