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Does HTML5 have any impact on rankings or #SEO in general?

Do websites using HTML5 get any boost in rankings or improvement in seo?
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HTML websites can rank higher in Google easily as compare to other CMS & framework.
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You didn't really answer nothing buddy! The question was whether HTML 5 with it's extra features could improve SEO of a website!
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No. HTML5 can be really useful for making a modern website, but it’s not something that we use on its own as a ranking factor.
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HTML5 has new semantic elements to improve the understanding of web pages both for browsers and developers. It has added advantage for SEO structure.
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Appreciate your replies. Y pretty much suspected that since #HTML5 has more elements it allows you to make you page more #SEO friendly that's a ranking factor in my book.
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Html 5 is even now in the making yet all the for whatever SEO expert, who tries will look ahead, a portion information over html 5 what's more entryway it will sway SEO may be not unnecessary data. It may be valid that the transforms and the new ideas for html 5 will sway Web developers Furthermore designers considerably more than SEO masters Be that still it may be far from the To with say that html 5 won't mean transforms in the natural SEO arrangement.

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