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Clayton Offline referral

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Is anyone here are obsessed with iPhone products?
maya Offline referral

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I really like Apple products like Ipad and Iphone but I am not really crazy about it juts a regular consumer.
PatrikJanda Offline referral

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Any apple device has the same advantage and same issues. It works no matter what, it is smooth and reliable. At the same time expensive, hard to repair and not allowing you to set up anything.
dswtechnologies Offline referral

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i hate apple product and i like android device which is cheap and best custimizable os.
saltox Offline referral

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I used apple products so i like it Smile
rvsharma Offline referral

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I like apple products too much
cholekyt Offline referral

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You get suckered into their locked-in eco system..
ata1234 Offline referral

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Just their earbuds

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