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I have created a blog yesterday and submitted my site to Google webmaster tools and Bing too. But, my site still not indexed in both search engines? What should I suppose to do for fast crawling of my contents???
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Use Google's "fetch as google" tool inside webmaster tools to make sure the URL is not blocked in anyways!
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Make use of some URL pinger websites. Also submit sitemap to Google Webmaster & use fetch as Google option.
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What ever tools you do its still Google take its time to index the website pages in the world but if your website is regularly update its site pages for new stories then Google is more like into crawling your site. It will always takes time when it comes to indexing issue.
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for fast crawling of your website, make XML Sitemap and submit that sitemap on Google Webmasters tools..
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you can use google fetch or any pinging tool for this.

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