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is article Submission still Useful for increase website Ranking?

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Hello Friends i want to know is article Submission still Useful for increase website Ranking?
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YES if you submit original content and NO if you submit duplicate garbage!
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Yes, only submit unique content on 1 site. definitely this will give benefit.

Note : Check site: & info: of website where you are submitting.
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Yes it is, but try to also consider medium such as forum posting, blog commenting and social bookmarking. When we talk article submission it means we need an engaging content.
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Submitting articles is one of main method for generating one-way back links to your site, which increase your page rank and link popularity. A high quality articles can be republished on multiple sites, so you automatically get thousands of links pointing back to your site which will increase your position in the organic search results and getting found for more keyword searches.
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Search in Google for top article submission sites.
Submit only on the sites which has high domain authority.

Post with quality unique articles. Re-submissions with quality articles.
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It definitely is. The more relevant your content is, the more it is likely to increase your traffic.
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The better content surrounds your link the better and article submission really works effectively on your website ranking

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