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how to search jobs?
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There are many portals that allow folks to post their job offers take a look at: infojobs
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jobsDB, Recruit, JobMarket, HKU's jobs
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(10-20-2016 01:43 PM)a4nblack Wrote:  how to search jobs?

There are many places to look for and post jobs,more places just search in google Smile. For instace:indeed, monster, etc...
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(10-20-2016 01:43 PM)a4nblack Wrote:  how to search jobs?

monster.com, indeed.com, craiglist.com
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Google "JOB" "yourArea" "other preferences that you have"

replace those and poof! You have places where you can send your CV.
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A great new service called Zipfinder may be of benefir

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