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keyword density one and more than one keywords?

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How the keyword density works I mean what is the difference between keyword and a key-phrase?

What if I have 3 of these keywords: money

Now I have 3 of these phrase: make money online, make money from home, make money

Now will that be viewed by Google as 6 money keywords or key-phrases are not same as keywords?

I mean how to interpret this?
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I am not 100% positive but I guess Google looks at keywords and key phrases differently. To avoid confusion try some like this maybe:

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Your Primary keyword is "Money" other are it helping keywords , which help the primary keyword to make them as phrases. A calculation based on keyword frequency in this document. This variable"Money" will be calculated how many times this word appears in the document.
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Google consider both are different things.
Your usual keywords density 2-3% for your targeted keywords.

Google this topic

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