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laptop battery in or out?

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Guys I have just bought me a brand new laptop computer and I am wondering if I should leave battery in or take it out when PC is plugged in or is shutdown?
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Take it out when it's not needed! It's not good to have motherboard constantly energized.
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If you don't need it the why keep it in? Remember never charge the battery up to full capacity 100% this will reduce its lifespan limit to 80%.
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Dont keep it in. Also never Overcharge it. Lithium Batteries tend to explode at high temperature so always be careful with your battery.
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The appropriate response is: YES and NO, it relies upon the circumstance. Having a battery completely charged and the PC connected to isn't hurtful, in light of the fact that when the charge level achieves 100% the battery quits getting charging vitality and this vitality is avoided specifically to the power supply arrangement of the PC.
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What I do:

I play on battery sometimes then charge it up. And sometimes, I play without the battery and the laptop being plugged in.

Because overusing/overcharging your laptops might damage your battery and laptop. At the same time, not using your battery frequently enough will reduce its life capabilities as well.

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