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marketing in ofline

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Offline marketing are become more famous one in this digital world?
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I think you meant to say #OnlineMarketing right.
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Social media, new mobile technology and other types of digital communication have made us a big, online community with an explosion of online interaction. Yet, while we are being more social, we are still a bit apprehensive about giving our information away. The present time is that of the technology. The internet is not just a place to access information, but it has its horizon broadened to consist of eCommerce, marketing, communication and social networking.
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Digital marketing has literally exploded in the last few years. According to research* almost three billion people globally – that’s 40% of the population – are now using the internet. In the UK alone this adds up to 57 million users, with 27% using a mobile phone to search online.
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I won't agree with your statement, I believe that digital marketing changes the traditional one. We all know that the world revolves around the internet, the fact that its cheap is the primary reason why a lot of people advertise online.
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marketing offline strategies utilize detached media channels to make consideration regarding an association's things and organizations. These campaigns can fuse radio and print advancing – including sheets, signs and pamphlets – telemarketing, and TV notices.

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