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Hi, I request all members reading this post to review my website, because i need your valuable suggestions. i am getting rejected for google adsense continuously. so please i need your suggestions please review my site here is link>>> spflashfiles com
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Don't use your website when applying for Adsense read this blog post: http://www.howto-makemoney.com/blogs/blo...-a-website

Your blog looks great has plenty of content so just continue publishing content and be patient and you will get high rankings.
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you need to set proper robot.txt as well as connect your site with analytics tools and webmaster tool. also set proper about us page, disclaimer policy, privacy policy page it help to approve google adsense.
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Hi. I just viewed your website and the first thing that I've noticed is that it's bombarded with ads. That's the first thing that your viewers will notice. I suggest that you try to change your color scheme. Select a color palette that is different from the colors of your ads, so it won't look like the ads are part of your website. It's kind of confusing. The homepage is also text heavy. A lot of viewers might find this overwhelming and would just click away out of your website. It's a bad thing because it'll result to high bounce rates. You should also add a little bit of visual elements to make your website look more appealing.
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Move to WordPress. You will get a lot of power in your hand.

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