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.net vs .com in SEO ?

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Hello Guys,
Please help me and tell me that the website suffix name does matter or not. please help me to choose best one so tell me which is best for my company's website .com or .net?
Thanks in advance.
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From my experience I can tell you that a #DomainName extension doesn't really matter only the #content and the amount of #backlinks it has!
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If you plan to use SEO as your main or one of your main marketing strategies, it won’t matter which domain name extension you choose. Both the .com and the .net will perform very well.

Originally, .com was meant to represent commercial or business website. However, it now represents just about anything under the sun. This is by far the most popular and the most recognizable of the domain name extensions. The .com domain extension is the best choice for offline advertisement, too.

If you follow the theories of the many experts, using the .net for your primary business domain isn’t a good idea. However, if you run into the issue of the .com not being available, the .net may provide a second choice. Just make sure the owner of the .com doesn’t have a trademark on the name you’re after.

Whenever possible, you want to use the .com for your primary domain, especially with a business. Since the .com is the default domain extension for most people, it provides many benefits you don’t get from a .net domain name.

Have you ever tried to remember a website you heard on a radio commercial or from a billboard? When you go to type it in with the .com extension, however, it doesn’t work. It could have been a .net, but our minds are trained to assume most domain names are .com, especially businesses.
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.com and .net doesn't matter most of the business people prefer .com over .net
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I usually suggest people to stick with .com but since .net is also a TLD domain, which means it should't be an issue ranking your blog.
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Your exact domain means www(.)abc(.)com "abc" is important, if you think about SEO. It must be related to the niche.

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