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.php vs .html web-page extension?

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I have many PHP based web-pages that have .php extension right but in the internet I have noticed that most of the pages have .html extension!

Which one Google likes better?
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I don't think it really matters to Google, However most of the people are familiar and get used to .html extension. But you can easily rewrite the URL with apache .htaccess
Chesta BoSe Offline referral

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I don't think Google cares about it. But in my opinion php extension is better.
Hostissimus Offline referral

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Absolutely doesn't matter, although with .htaccess you can make good looking URL, which matters.
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Google likes html.
php is newest format.
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PHP resembles the apparatus behind a dynamic site. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a universally useful scripting dialect that turned into the accepted server-side dialect of decision for web designers since 1995.HTML is the structure and spine of a site. HTML is one of the huge three center segments of the web, nearby other front-end advancements CSS and JavaScript, and it has an influence in the front-end code of about each site on the web.

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