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How we use mobile for marketing? what are the ways to use mobile for marketing?
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These days cell phones is like a new gold rush case there are so many opportunities to make money from it in form of video games and apps.

Now if you can offer those products for free then you can promote or market whatever you have on those products for free!

You can see it in action most of the time when you download and install some free app or video game!
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We’re leaving you with some quick mobile marketing tips to make sure you make the most of mobile.

Be Clear and Concise: Mobile devices have small screens, which means words should be used sparingly. Cluttered and crowded ads will just drive users to scroll past. When it comes to mobile, it’s best to keep things simple.
Optimize for Local: Be sure to remember that 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent. Users often use mobile devices to complement their immediate worldly interactions – where is the nearest gas station? Is there a nearby coffee shop that has wi-fi? Optimize for local mobile marketing to make sure you are aligning with users’ queries.
Consider Your Audience: The type of audience you’re hoping to reach should influence the kind of mobile ads you use. Are they gamers? Then try taking advantage of in-game ads. Are they young and tech-savvy? Mobile Facebook Promoted Posts might be more likely to get their attention.
Experiment with Different Strategies: There’s a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to mobile marketing. Don’t be afraid to test out some ad extensions with your AdWords Enhanced Campaigns – try the Google Offers ad extension, or the click-to-call extension, and see how they work for you.
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Portability wise you can access it anywhere you go. Most of the website nowadays invest there money through mobile promotions.
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Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile .... Brands are now delivering promotional messages within mobile games or sponsoring entire games to drive consumer engagement.
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There are networks which will promote your app on both ways Incent and Non incent.
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things should be mobile friendly, so user can see them properly..

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