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question about display none in seo

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question about display: none in terms of seo
I'm not very good in language English
And I hope can properly ask my question correctly

Have a question about display: none
A site designed for me, and design some modules in such a way that the CSS from display: none lot, and aim for different designs and beautiful (for example in mouse over the photo was displayed brand name
Google to this display: none or react
and whether the problem is acute in terms of seo??

and have like 200 links on my page I would like to show like 50 hide the rest and place a show more button than when clicked will show the rest of the links!
I mean 150 links will have be display none! I am wondering it they get crawled by Google?

I thank you explain
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These days responsive design will not be possible without display:none; so it's part of making your site mobile friendly BUT there is a huge difference between making the site mobile friendly and hidden content.

If you display none huge section of your content then it will be viewed as #BlackHatSEO and you will be penalized for sure.
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Actually display: none is a CSS attribute used to hide the content on the front end and when you use it purposely to cheat the Search Engine then it is considered as a Black Hat SEO technique.
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In most ways I'd recommend you to stay away from using it

Google this topic

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