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how to increase referring domains?
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Referring domain mean a domain name or website that is linking back to your site which means that to increase it you need to generate more backlinks from different domains or websites.

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If you want to increase reffering domains then try to build high PR relevant back links to your domain.
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First of all, you need to Create semantic core – a list of targeted keywords,Find out the cost of Top 10 for your keywords doing this it will help you alot.
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find your niche site which have higher rank in google then find his backlink and set your backlink with advance and smartest way thats it.
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Create backlinks if you want to increase the number of referring domains to your website. There are a lot of services available here for creating backlinks, please check the best section
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How do i get that backlinks
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The best way to earn backlinks is maintaining a single-topic-niche blog

These types of sites get same keywords or a group of close related keywords as anchor texts. (Why on earth someone will call a pet dog as food blog?)

Remember, near to 70% of anchor texts should be your name or site name. A rule of thumb to build backlinks is use your keywords in links from PR sites, for remaining links use your name or site name.
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Each subnet is really a different IP network, and each IP network contains its own broadcast domain, as layer-2 broadcasts don't go beyond the local interface..
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- discover your specialized niche web site which have higher rank throughout yahoo then discover his or her backlink and established your backlink along with enhance and best means thats this.

Google this topic

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