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stock trading india

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The stock trading india, which benefited from the fall in oil prices, is the most promising emerging country, with a decline in debt.
investors are still wary of equity markets in emerging countries, where corporate debt remains too high. However, if India is also concerned by the problem, the country is doing well, the weight of the net financial debt of its 500 largest companies, excluding financial institutions, having been reduced by 80% of the equity there is has a year to 73% now. India has become a large liquid market, with 4 billion dollars of transactions currently. One of India's greatest assets is its population, very young, half of whom are under 20 years of age.
India's fundamentals have improved, with the overall public debt, including that of local governments, falling from 91 per cent of gross domestic product in 2003 to 72 per cent today as a result of the return to fiscal discipline. Then, the country, whose 30 to 40% of imports are related to oil, has benefited massively from the collapse of the barrel price, which has lightened the weight of imports over two years by more than 40 billion dollars. As a result, the trade balance improved, allowing the Indian rupee to stabilize. Finally, corporate earnings growth should be between 10 and 15% over the next 12 months. A pace similar to that of the last 12 months, while over the period, profits fell by 8% in Europe and 4% in the United States.
Consumption is the heart of the fund, with a weighting of 49%. Young Indians, many, aspire to modern comfort. In addition, sectors such as computer services and health have a significant weight in the Indian coast, more than in countries like China and Brazil. As these sectors are structurally trading at higher valuation multiples, it is not surprising that the Indian equity market has a higher PER (market share capitalization, Ed) than other emerging markets.

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