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what is Google adsense and how it works

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Tell me frds
how it works
google adsense
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AdSense is a advertisement program started by Google, it display contextual ads matching with nearby keyword. Till date Google AdSense is considered as one of the best pay-per-click program to make online money.
It is an easiest way for blogger to make money with their blogs. You as an blogger need to do Google AdSense sign in and ad code to their site, AdSense spiders crawl the webpage and check their inventory to display related ads on your blog.

Suppose an Advertiser want to advertise his products like laptops through Google, so he would bid on certain keywords like “laptops, computer, PC, etc”.
Now as a publisher you applied for AdSense and got approved for it. So if any of your article contain keyword like “laptops, computer, PC, etc” Google AdSense will display the same ads on your blog, Google get paid when those ads are clicked by any visitor on your site. Finally you get your share.
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Adsense is part of google family which used for earning money by ads

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