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what is analytics 360?

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what is analytics 360?
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Google Analytics 360, in contrast, is not focused on PR and earned media. It is focused on what happens when visitors interact with your own website and digital properties. It is a fantastic Web analytics platform that takes into account multiscreen behavior, allows for rich audience segmentation, and much more.
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Analytics 360 is the Google product suite which include all the Google SEO related software tools products.
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Analytics is a paid google tool for SEO, Which include SEO related software tools.
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I know that Analytics is free and paid but not meant for SEO. Anyway the OP is talking about Analytics 360.
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Google Analyatic 360 is data management platform.
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Google Optimize 360: This product in the suite allows marketers to A/B test experiences without having to write any code. ... The intent of the products in the suite is to help enterprise marketers connect the data across platforms, including mobile, PPC, and offline marketing channels,
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Hey, Google Analytics 360 is an advanced version of google analytics with more detailed information about visitors behaviour.

If you use google analytics you might have seen "Not Provided" written, google analytics 360 can show what that data is.

As its more advance which makes it Paid service. But undoubtedly the best Analytics service.

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