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what is difference article content and press-release content

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what is difference article content and press-release content
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I assume you meant article marketing and press release right? Well to put it simple press release is part of the article marketing!

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With press releases, usually the information is time sensitive and makes some sort of announcement, whereas the content provided in an article should be timeless and educational.
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Article Content: It is piece of content written on a specific topic by an author, It should be unique and user friendly.
Press Release: It is the information regarding any business, organization and some sort of announcement by a company.
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Press release is the introduction of new product or services, while article content is the written output on your website which has a relevant to your niche.
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Generally article is published for product features, services and making process.

While press release contains company's work progress, new product launch, brief financial data, profit sharing, etc. information.
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An article content is a range of words and phrases written by you which often gives either a personal view, review of a specific topic or a collection of informative details and results to activate and interest or viewer. They can be prepared in a free flowing and open way with no real limitations on content or style. Although the article may very well advertise a product or service in the author box or resource box, the main point of the article is not for advertising in itself.

By contrast, a press release content relates normally to a specific product service or event that is happening soon. Press release will have a dateline included with them.

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