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what is the diffrence between Organic likes and Paid Likes?

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what is the diffrence between Organic likes and Paid Likes?
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Paid likes simply means that you spend money on online services that offer ways to generate Facebook likes including Facebook ads!

Organic means free natural. Being said this if you get you business page ranking high on Google and on Facebook it self you get free traffic which will convert into free organic likes.
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Organic likes are calculated by Paid Likes from Total Likes.
Paid likes are you get from ad or sponsored story.
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Sometimes they are the same thing as paid likes can be organic likes.
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Organic likes are the likes gained naturally with the quality of the content. Paid likes are gained by spending money. Paid likes can sometimes be treated as spam.
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Paid likes you get from a sponsored story. Organic likes you get thanks to content of your page.
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I think if you do like manually with free means organic, and if you pay for likes means paid.
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Organic likes helps to increase the sales of any business and helps to generate huge revenue as well whereas paid likes wouldn't help you a lot and won't lasts for long as well. It will get lowered after sometime and it is of no use, just for attracting the viewers only.
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Paid likes - The number of people that liked your page from the paid ads or sponsored story.
Organic likes - Organic likes are the page likes that cannot attribute to Facebook advertising .You can calculate organic likes just from subtracting the paid likes.
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It's simple:

Organic Likes = Real active users
Paid Likes: 90% bots

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