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which keyword do you work this time ?

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kunalkumar Offline referral

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which keyword do you work this time ? tell me friends
Victor Dub Offline referral

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I have a website on #money so I am targeting every possible relevant keywords!
williamjohn Offline referral

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Both long and short tail keywords.
LaurenA Offline referral

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Working on both long term and short term keywords to promote the site that I am managing. It really is hard.
alexhales Offline referral

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it all depends on the demand of the client which keyword he/she wants to target 1st
marcus_avrelius Offline referral

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For starters is a good idea to target long tail and low competition keywords just to get your stuff on the map the rest will follow naturally!
Stevejohn Offline referral

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Ios app development company, Android app development company
chinomoreno Offline referral

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(06-02-2016 10:24 AM)kunalkumar Wrote:  which keyword do you work this time ? tell me friends

Short term and long tail are the type of keywords I have on my site.
I mean, you should have your generic term included on your tong tail keyword.
designing Offline referral

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we have to select keywords like this monthly searches high and competition also high
PAPatel Offline referral

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If your website is new then target long tail keyword with variation. Use short keywords after getting good visitors.
PreetiSangal Offline referral

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Right now I am targeting some long tail keywords like : "buy partyware salwar suit online", "buy partyware anarkali suit online", "partyware anarkali suit india", etc.
daikaads Offline referral

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Just working with my all possible business keywords. Focus on the search queries available in your webmaster tool account.
akashvajpayee Offline referral

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Good idea to target the long tail keyword.

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