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while searching my domain name it showing my old domaine name i want know the reasio

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i have website assetbuilder now we are changed to coevolve group but when i am searching coevolve group it showing result's asset builders as tile i want know why it's coming
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First you have to request google crawler to remove the previously indexed pages. After this you will send request for indexing new pages.
You can use 301 redirect to move the visitors from old url to new one. This will solve your problem.
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Because it doesn't crawler by google till now
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I agree with tanu singh reply
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You used the title assetbuilder on you home page thats why when you searching assetbuilder your site is coming on search results. Please change your website title to "coevolve group" if you don't want to get in search with "assetbuilder" keyword..
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You have to update website name as "coevolve group " from setting page.

Google this topic

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