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why not choose biomass boiler for a try

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Because the new growth and development of industrial needs, environment protecting has become key factor that limits the application of fuel energy, for instance coal and oil. On the other hand, we need to develop new form of energy to change the usage of coal and oil, as being the increasingly serious shortage of resource. So biomass boiler is new chance to touch technology. And ZG boiler has produced biomass steam boiler for industrial needs.
While biomass to be a new sort of energy , it offers various advantages that accord the requirement of new development trend. Biomass boilers offer a perfect heating solution. Burning biomass, including wood pellets or logs, emits the same number of carbon dioxide out of the box absorbed even though the plants were growing. Therefore, biomass is classed as carbon-neutral renewable power. ZG biomass steam boiler can be used for central heating system, textile.
Biomass boilers burn biomass fuels extremely efficiently and use the warmth produced to deliver heating and difficulties. They can also be much less expensive and efficient than fossil fuel boilers, specifically in rural or off mains gas areas. For this base, ZG boiler developed biomass corner tube boiler, it possesses a great performance on mining, power generation and also other industries.
Since ZG boiler is a professional boiler maker with years; experience, we konw what our clients need and we provide all process service on sale, installation and maintenancefor a long boiler live time.

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