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3 Ways Iphone App Developers Can Brush Up Their Portfolio

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Ever wondered why thousands of people queue up outside stores in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo and various other locations across the world to buy iPhone X? People waited for hours through the night for the stores to open, so that they could be among the first ones to get their hands on the iPhone X. And, the craze was unaffected by the fact that this model was the most expensive smartphone to be launched by Apple.

The desire to own an Apple product goes much beyond the hype created by the extravaganza of Apple’s WWDC event. Most users seem to exhibit “blind loyalty” to the Apple brand, says an article in The Telegraph. Citing a survey by SIMOnlyContracts, the article goes on to say that nearly 80% of iPhone users cannot even imagine owning a smartphone manufactured by another brand.

So, if you’ve decided to commence the journey of your company’s digital transformation by launching an iOS app, it’s a brilliant place to begin. The task of choosing the right time can be daunting. After all, there are more than 12 million mobile app developers around the world, according to Evans Data Corp’s Global Development Population and Demographics Study. The large pool allows you to be discerning, provided you know what to look for.

Before you hire iPhone app programmer[/b] to turn your idea into a functional solution, here are three important qualities that make a team stand out from the rest.

Passion for the App Industry

You’ll probably find several iPhone application developers who are passionate about iOS and technology. That’s not your biggest challenge. In fact, many businesses are using Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs) to create their mobility solutions. Such a platform will offer a host of predeveloped modules to choose from; and the ability to simply drag and drop these to include them in your solution. This ensures that your solution is built with clean coding and is completely bug-free.

What you should look for is a team that is passionate about the app industry. Such a team would have deep knowledge of user expectations, user behavior, user pain-points and the latest features that are the most loved by users. Such inputs can take your mobility solution to the next level, ensuring higher adoption and retention rates.

Creative and Innovative

Apple’s App Store was launched in July 2008 with around 800 apps. In less than a decade, the number of apps available has risen to a mindboggling 2.2 million, according to Statista.

iPhone app developer for hire is usually familiar with Apple’s stringent guidelines for approving apps for its store. Moreover, if you’re using a MADP for app development, the preconfigured modules would already adhere to the guidelines. However, in order to gain visibility in such a competitive landscape, one needs to have a highly creative and innovative iPhone application developer team.

Such a team would be able to add to your app idea and strategy of iPhone app development and deployment. They could suggest features to streamline your business processes or capitalize on opportunities in your industry. A team that is creative can think out of the box to make your mobility solution more user-friendly and appealing.

Apple conducts extensive studies of user behavior. However, this is not the only factor considered to design its devices. Apple is known for innovation and encourages the ability to think differently. So, when you hire iPhone app developers, lay emphasis not only on creating an app that is powerful and stable, but also one that is unique and interesting.

Updated with the Constantly Evolving iOS Ecosystem

Apple’s ecosystem is extensive. To begin with, the iPhone app developer for hire should have experience with Apple’s latest programming language Swift, which has replaced the company’s three-decade-old programming language Objective-C in a short span of time. Moreover, iPhone application developers should be familiar with iOS editors and IDEs, libraries, plugins and other tools that play a role in enhancing your mobility solution.

Try to get an idea of the iPhone application developer’s quest for knowledge and eye for detail. Having a learning attitude helps, given the fast-evolving dynamics of iOS and the app industry.

Finally, you want to hire iPhone app developers who will extend their unwavering support through development and deployment, as well as if you need updates to the solution in the future.
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