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How Iphone Application Development Services Help Businesses?

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Mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2014 and internet use by cell phones continues to grow. While mobile web was mostly responsible for this feat, the trend has changed significantly over the past couple of years. As per a Mobile Marketing Magazine post, around 85% of consumers now prefer using mobile applications over mobile websites due to the former’s easier navigation, speed, and convenience.

This makes it important for businesses to begin thinking about mobile apps. Android and iOS are two of the most popular platforms. While Android has a market share of more than 80%, there are many businesses that hire an iPhone app development company to begin their mobility journey.

Before choosing the operating system, however, it’s important to select whether to use the traditional way of app development or using a powerful Rapid MADP (mobile application development platform) to create more powerful mobility solutions in a much shorter span of time.

Rapid MADP: Providing an Easy Way Ahead
Have you spent time looking for the best iPhone application development companies? Instead, focus your search on identifying an iPhone app development company that uses a Rapid MADP to create the solution. With traditional way of creating apps was to begin writing code from scratch.

This is no longer necessary, as a MADP offers a huge range of pre-built modules and pre-connected tools that can be selected with an easy drag and drop function. And, these modules are created based on industry best practices and need no testing as the process is automated. Such platforms reduce costs, increase reliability and accelerate the development process, allowing businesses to launch apps ten times faster.

With features like one-click integration with third-party software and legacy systems as well as social media, a MADP adds significant value for enterprise add development.

How an iPhone App Development Company Adds Value for Your Business
Once you’ve chosen to use a MADP for app creation, it’s possible to create apps for all operating systems at a much lower budget. But, you may wish to decide which one, to begin with.

Some businesses partner with an iPhone app development service to begin their digital transformation. This choice is often based on the brand value associated with Apple. Sometimes, the reason is that most Apple devices use the same version of iOS and the app doesn’t need to be made compatible with the wide variety of Android versions and hardware configurations in use simultaneously. However, this seemingly cumbersome task has become easier with the use of MADPs for app development.

Here are some unique ways in which an iPhone application development company can help your business grow.

Superlative User Experience
Whether you’re developing a solution for your consumers or employees, the experience can make or break your app, which in turn has significant consequences for your business. iPhone apps are known for their high quality and ability to offer great user experience, making it the first choice for several businesses.

Every app submitted to the App Store is thoroughly analyzed by Apple before releasing it for the users. This is why the approval process for iPhone apps is known to be challenging and time-consuming. Focusing on user experience is important for your mobility solution to help meet business goals.

Another important benefit of hiring an iPhone application development company is the enhanced security provided by the iOS platform. With the rising risk of hacking, be it an enterprise app or consumer app, security is now a major concern for every business.

iOS is considered less prone to viruses, malware and other types of threats that can risk the safety of the app and its users. Moreover, ensure to choose a MADP that provides enterprise-grade firewalls to protect sensitive information. Better security helps boost user confidence in the app and improve business reliability.

Users More Willing to Pay
iPhone users spend almost 4x the money spent by Android users as per a report published by Fortune. While Android has a significantly higher market share, iPhone users spend more money on app subscriptions and in-app purchases.

Revenue from a mobile app is a major consideration for a lot of businesses planning to launch a consumer app.

Penetration into Developed Countries
iPhones are popular in developed countries like the UK and the US. If your business is targeting these markets to expand and grow, it may be a good idea to begin your mobility journey by hiring an iPhone app development company.

Hardware Configuration
If the performance of your app depends on the hardware configuration of the mobile phone, you can count on the state-of-the-art components offered by Apple. Its intuitive and responsive design will provide a great environment for your app to perform to its utmost capacity.

Although these are drivers for the growing demand for iPhone application development companies, do consider expanding your solution to Android and other operating systems. This will help your business target a wider audience.
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