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Hello online marketers, affiliates, webmasters and pretty much anyone trying to make money online!

The success of any online business or eCommerce is directly linked to the marketing. That is correct marketing is the key to get traffic to your business website or online store. Most of the marketers get it wrong by thinking that getting traffic to the website is enough to start making money. The important is to get high conversion rate!

The conversion rate means how much or what percentage of that traffic you receive converts into real customers that end up buying your products or what ever you sell.

To increase this conversion rate you have to master at least the basic SEO techniques. Why... well because we want to get our website rank high on Google which will bring more free organic traffic that will save as a ton of money on feather marking campaigns or we can reinvest that money to get even better results.

You should make your website search engine friendly first as that is the factor Google looks for when you use Adwords for instance. Don't think that if your bid is higher than mine your ads will show more than those with lower bids. The important is to have a relevant to your ads and well optimized website.

Getting your website ranking on the first page of Google for keywords relevant to your online business should be the main objective.

The other factor you should focus on is optimizing your affiliate or business landing page! It's important as that will give the users the first impression about your products and services and will either help them to make a decision on whether buy or leave.

There are many ways to generate traffic and this is not the time to talk about this as I am sure you most likely know about all of them. The main objective of the post is to say that blogging is considered as best way to get high quality traffic to your website and generate quality backlinks as well.

Now that I have explained basics of the internet marketing I am glad to announce LetsForum blogs feature that will let you create your blogs for free to get better results.
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Posted on: 09-07-2015 , 02:40 PM Post ID: #6
Yea blogging is one of the bets ways to make a ton of money online.