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Principles That Every Budding Ios App Developers Should Know

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The iOS apps market continues to grow at an impressive rate, generating an estimated 51% of the of the revenue share of the global smartphone market. The premium mobile platform also enjoys an unparalleled market reputation for its stringent security features and is the ultimate choice of a lot of developers who seek to build enterprise-level applications.

With the iOS app market growing steadily as always, app development companies are always on the lookout to hire iOS app developers with varying levels of experience to capitalize on the opportunity. While this presents a lucrative opportunity for aspiring developers to start their career in iOS app development, it also requires them to have good knowledge of the iOS basics.

Learning how to develop an iOS-based app can be difficult for a beginner. Even though the number of devices running on iOS is fewer than those running on Android, iOS app programming is no less fruitful than Android app development. Companies hiring iOS developers look for the conceptual knowledge on Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm.

MVC constitutes the central design pattern of any iOS app. All junior iOS app developers need to master the basics of APIs, Core Data Framework, Cocoa Touch and Foundation framework to understand how MVC works. Swift as a programming language also holds great importance as it is often viewed as an easier and more convenient replacement of Objective-C. Any aspiring app developer has to acquire the knowledge of the core concepts of Swift, such as options, error handling, control flow and Objective-C interoperability, to effectively crack the interview.

At the core of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of iOS-based apps lies Xcode, which plays a determining role in how the app interacts with the Operating System (OS) of the targeted mobile device. The functionality of Xcode depends on several subtools, such as Assistant Editor, Interface Builder and Compile.

Apart from these core iOS-based tools and technologies, companies hiring iOS app developers also prefer those who have first-hand experience in Core Graphics, MapKit, StackViews, and MessageUI. All aspiring app developers need to keep in mind that developing the attitude and personality of an iOS app developer is more important than just technical knowledge. Hence, showcasing skills like critical thinking and collaboration can also help them get the first job.
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