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The Profitable Factors Of Rapid Application Development

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Rapid software development models like RAD fundamentally prioritizes agility and speed to help IT teams enhance productivity and project outcomes. But, in addition to speed, there is the host of other aspects that make this application development procedure an ideal option for developers.

·   Reduced Time-to-Market
A RAD software application enables a developer to segregate a project into several modules. Every module is treated as a single prototype which undergoes a separate phase of testing. At the final stage, all the tested modules are winded together to craft the final product. This systematic approach which keeps testing at the heart of development significantly reduces the application delivery time besides ensuring that the same is free of unwanted bugs.

·   Effective Market Analysis
In this method, every completed prototype can be evaluated by the end-user. Thus, it becomes convenient for the developer to closely analyze the prospect for further enhancements and suggestions. The final alterations underlined by the end-user can be easily incorporated, as it affects only a single prototype and not the overall product and its functionality as a whole.

·   User Feedback-Oriented
Conventional waterfall development models do not support iterative overlays within an application blueprint thus, they often tend to delay the design, development, testing and deployment cycles. On the other hand, with RAD software development, the developers have the added advantage of analyzing user needs and sentiments while implementing successive iterations within the application, according to user suggestions and feedbacks.

·   Easy System Integration
RAD software development fosters easy system integration by helping developers assimilate all the modules during the early phases of development. This significantly curbs the number of issues arising from the final integration process. Since all the modules are properly synchronized at the very beginning, the chances of component mismatch arising at the later stages of development are also very low.

·   Reusability of Application Components
RAD ensures easy reusability of application components with rapid prototyping and modularity. By implementing reusable components which are already functionality tested, developers can deliver bug-free products complying with the even the most stringent quality standards.

The best RAD software often comes with integrated features spanning across the entire application lifecycle. Such applications can help developers deliver productivity advantage over conventional programming approaches. It’s important to understand that RAD is best suited for projects intended towards the development of systems for innovation and differentiation. After all, these are the projects that demand more business involvement, as well as more iterations to stay abreast of the current trends.  
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