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Top Iphone Application Development Companies In 2018 | Hokuapps

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There are many reasons why startups should invest in iPhone application development company to create apps that work on iOS, Android, and the Web. However, there are reasons why they hone in on iOS/iPhone app development companies as the first step.

I realize that Android is the bigger market, yet research says that iPhone app development is the way to go. Here’s the most important reason for this:

iPhone apps generate 85% more revenue than Android apps

Other reasons to build iPhone App include:
  • App development made to suit devices based on screen specifications
  • High-level security
  • All iOS apps are compatible with Apple devices
  • Apple has full control over iOS/iPhone software

To create great iPhone apps, businesses need to partner with great iPhone app development companies. Here is a roundup of the 2018 Top iPhone app development companies in the world:

  1. HokuApps - iPhone Application Development Company
    Singapore based company and has been around for some time. HokuApps have invested heavily in their iPhone app development platform to create apps at 10X speed. They believe in creating apps at rapid speed with a low code approach to app development. Ig budget and time are a constraint, these guys are the best fit for you. Companies like HokuApps which provides services like Hire iPhone app developer for creating an iPhone appli through rapid app development platform that works by reusing components to develop custom on-demand business modules.
  2. Willow Tree
    one of the highest rated iPhone app development companies in the world. Started in 2008 in the US, Willow Tree boasts of a 200+ team and have delivered more than 500 apps and websites since. However, these guys tend to be a little expensive for startups.
  3. Hedgehog Lab
    UK based company and their clients give them a 5 start thumbs up. They identify themselves as a technology consultant first and then as an iPhone app development company. However, be ready to shell out more than $50,000 to create an app.
  4. Blue Label Labs
    New York-based company and holds a band of 40-50 engineers serving startups (primarily). Another affordable solutions partner, Blue Label is a fairly new company and charge around $100-149 per hour.
  5. Cleverold
    Ukraine based company that is making a name for itself in the European market. A company of around 300 strong, this Ukraine-based iPhone app development company is fairly affordable as per the global standards.
  6. Exedel
    US-based company that delivers end-to-end iPhone app development solutions that are developed from scratch. If time is a constraint, then these guys are not for you. Plus, expect to shell out $100,000+ for your app.
  7. The Sound Pipe Media
    Considered one of the best iPhone app development companies in the UK. Though they also develop business apps, their focus tends to delve into 3D virtualization and AR (augmented reality). Their services start at £8000 (or $11,000).
  8. Cheesecake Labs
    Brasil-based iPhone app development company and have been creating iPhone apps since 2014. From UI/UX to full-stack iPhone app development, Cheesecake labs do it all. However, I have little information on their services charge.
  9. Skylark Infotech
    Singapore-based company that develops only iPhone applications. Skylark serves all types and sizes of business to create an environment of synergy between business and technology. They even create mobile games if that is your requirement. Hourly cost varies from SGD 32 to SGD161.
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