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Vr The Online Business That Shocked Us All

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been in circulation for a short while, but have already drummed up excitement in users, tech specialists and industry experts alike for the commercial potential that is already unfolding. These technologies are in the initial stages of a very sharp incline to success, but have already ruffled a lot of feathers in the tech market game.

These devices and applications for AR and VR are currently being rolled out to the market for their commercial novelty and exclusivity, but it has been predicted that within the next decade, this technology will be fully integrated into everyday life and the most simple or difficult of processes will be revolutionised forever. Over the festive period, headsets such as the PlayStation VR headset and the Samsung Occulus have almost doubled the predicted value, making them some of the most successful marketable technologies ever made.

At present, this technology is so new, so innovative, that it is difficult to see past the initial stages, but so many people are now beginning to question “what next?”

How can this technology possibly become any more revolutionary, or how can the graphics, applications or processes be better used or improved? We are here to tell you how...

VR: The next computing platform:

At present, AR and VR technology has a strong gaming and entertainment focus. The remit of entertainment is everything from film and documentary making, to live user experience gaming experiences. Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook and world renowned tech genius has stated that this is only the beginning, and not unlike the human brain, only a small percentage of the true potential of AR and VR have been unlocked.

In the coming years, this technology is going to surpass all expectations and completely change the way we view the world. Everything is going to become streamlined, virtual and accessible in the not-so-far-away future. This is going to herald the entertainment and gaming world, but it is also going to completely change communication technology forever. Zuckerberg hints that VR is going to change business processes forever. By business processes, this is everything from training days, interviews to business meetings and everything in between.

VR technology holds the key to specialist training for professions such as bomb disposal units, surgeons, architecture, traffic control and pilot training to name a few. Already specialist and highly funded units such as the RAF are taking advantage of this incredible technology to map out aeroplanes, structures and flight simulation units. This is going to simmer down into a much more concise and generic format for every imaginable business in the foreseeable future.

A new experience for many:

Not only does AR and VR make for a great gaming experience, but it also opens the user up to new opportunities and possibilities. Imagine this, you put the headset on and you can find yourself snorkelling at the bottom of the ocean, swimming with sharks, or even in the depths of outer space.

AR and VR provide the possibility of new experiences and adventures from the comfort of your own home, it can revolutionise the way that people see the world and can make dreams a reality. There is a whole market of people who don’t like flying, that can’t afford to go on great adventures that is waiting to be broken into. As well as creating new experiences, there is a potential for this technology to revolutionise the way that people are taught things, in classrooms and for staff training purposes.

Whether people choose to use the technology as a form of escapism, or for education purposes, it has become evident that the potential for AR and VR is huge. It’s been estimated that the market for VR is set to make $22 billion by the year 2020, which is just two years away. This is a huge markup on revenue and combined with AR technology, the markup is predicted to be a staggering $121 billion. This is simply the beginning of the adventure that is interactive and augmented reality, which means that investment opportunity is still widely available to the public.

Sensory VR: the next step?

As mentioned, AR and VR is just at the beginning of its journey and experts are already asking the question “what next?” At present, this technology only interacts with our auditory and visual senses, but in the future, we should expect to see the technology beginning to involve our other senses, making the lines between virtual reality and reality blurred and incomprehensible.

As the popularity of this technology begins to grow, we will begin to see a shift in purpose and the novelty and entertainment aspects of the hardware will become more useful and integrated in our everyday processes. As we see the technology advance, we will begin to find more use for it in our everyday lives. It’s been predicted that by the year 3030, we will begin to see a shift in the way that people interact with the technology and it will be difficult to imagine a world without it.

Alice Porter is an avid tech writer and mobile app development specialist in Manchester.