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Which Are The Top 10 Ios Development Companies In The Uk

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Have an amazing iOS mobile app development idea? Struggling to find the most suitable iOS app development company in the UK? The choice would depend on a number of factors, including the type of app (simple, enterprise-grade, gaming), the complexity of features, business priorities, budget and timeline and the kind of support you need post app deployment.

Here's a list of the top 10 iOS mobile app development companies in the UK:

Hyperlink Infosystems
They are ISO 9001:2008 certified. They specialize in mobile gaming apps and have significant experience in this. Their teams are highly qualified and excel in client service. Focus on rigorous documentation before starting the project, as this can become a budget issue in time.

This company offers a powerful enterprise-grade MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform) for Android and iOS app development. Moving away from the traditional approach of writing endless lines of codes from scratch, the HokuApps MADP offers tens of pre-developed modules that are tested to be bug-free and incorporate best industry practices. These reusable modules can be selected and included in your mobility solution with a simple drag and drop approach. The platform offers single-click integration to more than 500 third-party apps and has built-in connectors for legacy and other internal systems. Even complex apps are created within days or weeks, 10 times faster than with the traditional approach.

They’re great with UI designs and have catered to some of the biggest businesses globally. They have an award-winning team of developers, UI designers and specialists with a proven track record for Android and iOS app development.

This is a skilled team of designers and developers that have experience in web and mobile apps. They take requirement capture very seriously. So, do schedule ample time to define your requirements. Their hourly rate of around $300 is high compared to the industry average for Android and iOS app development.

Lexinton Creatives
They have years of experience in iOS app development, with a skilled team of designers, developers, and marketers. They typically accept complex projects with a large budget.

8th Light
Founded in 2006, they provide excellent customer support. And, they try to maintain long-term partnerships with their clients.

Net Solutions
Great team with many successful projects and big brands as clients. If you’re unsure about what your mobility solution should include, they can provide some really useful inputs.

This is among the largest Android and iOS mobile app development and IoT companies. If you’re looking for a highly innovative solution, this may be a great team to work with. Even their working methods are highly creative.

They’ve successfully delivered a number of strong mobility solutions, with good UIs. They have a very friendly approach to requirement capture and you’ll feel comfortable with their team through the development process.

The Distance
They’ve been into iOS mobile app development since the first launch of the iPhone! Their clients range from small businesses and startups to multinational companies. Ensure to gain complete clarity on the budget before signing off on the project.
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