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RE: How to change name server for a domain to point new hosting provider
On your new #webhosting assuming it's #godaddy Log into your Account. Select the domain you want to manage by clicking the Manage button. Under Additional ...

Godaddy copy files from one folder to another?
I am on #Godaddy #WebHosting my website's files are inside one folder alright however I wanna move those files from that folder and place them inside public_...

RE: How to create SQL database, table?
Well most of the top #WebHosting services offer #PHPMyadmin just head over there where you can create database + table + rows + users and so on with just a f...

RE: SEO Tools you should know
According to my information #Google #webmaster, Google #analytics, Google #keyword planner and SEO power suit best tool for #SEO.

RE: How to check my site is SEO Friendly ?
I suggest to check #Google #webmaster tool and seositecheckup dot com/ for check site #seo friendly.

RE: What is web 2.0
#Web2.0 is term that was #introduced in 2004 and refers to the second #generation of the #World Wide Web.

RE: Google Penalties
You should check your #webmaster tools account for any warnings. But the most obvious one would be drop in rankings.

RE: How do I improve my website Ranking?
I am not sure why most of the #webmasters ignore the fact that to go up in #rankings you need #backlinks!

RE: How do you choose hosting?
The most important factor when choosing a service or #hosting in your case is customer feedback and reviews. I usually google for best or top web hosting...

RE: FREE unpopular website builders
#WebsiteBuilder is no go if you wanna have a professional website and make money with it :)

RE: How to remove Site Maintenance Title & Description from google..
Go to #webmastertools and resubmit your sitemap. Or use submit URL to #Google form to submit your URL for indexing. When Google arrives it will see a differe...

RE: What Are The Different Types Of Error In Php?
Most common one is: [php]if (this !== this) { error("I am an error"); }[/php] There are errors generated by PHP and are those generated by web server! @PH...

RE: The Difference between a Graphic Design Officer and a Web Designer
Web design means creating website from scratch including coding and graphics. Then we have 2 designers one that works with the code like PHP, HTML, CSS, jQu...

RE: Wix Website Seo
I would recommend you to stay away from any website builder service case drag and drop website creators won't give you full control over the site! Also if y...

RE: free web hosting security?
I wouldn't ever recommend using free web hosting! If you really that cheap then go for Google Blogger where you can at least make money from your content wit...

RE: What is the meaning of SQL max_connections?
You should get better website hosting if you run into this issue. #websitehosting

RE: what's the characters of a server u want for marketing and SEO
When I am looking for a hosting I always have SEO in my mind. I look for cheap hosting + it has to be a fast one with only a few limitations when it comes to...

RE: How To Remove Bad Links..?
If you have a Google webmaster tools account you can do that easily with "disavow tool" that lets you block specific URLs or entire domain names. #Google ...

RE: Couponsite
Those sites get decent traffic I can tell you that. But to have a shot at this you need to have super relevant domain is not forget it competition is just to...

RE: How long does it take to transfer a domain name to another web hosting?
It will take a day or two but don't worry the website will not go offline just make sure that you don't cancel your old #webhosting account until transfer is...

RE: Who provides the nameserver when i want to host a domain?
You can host a domain name on any #WebHosting you like doesn't have to be the one your site is hosted one. It's called #nameservers

RE: Best cheap web hosting 2015-2016
Use #GoDaddy for me is the best #WebHosting provides offers lots of discounts and coupons also has great performance oh yeah it's cheap too.

RE: How to bulk submit URLs to Google?
Create an empty HTML document and paste all those URLs in there make sure they are clickable anchor links and dofollow too! Submit that file to your websi...

RE: How to get traffic to website from UK and USA?
In Google #WebmasterTools account use [b]Target Country[/b] feature!

RE: SEO for dummies?
This simply refers to the fast that most of the #webmasters or folks that owns a website don't know much about #SEO and it means that they will be given basi...

RE: How to get traffic to website from UK and USA?
Get backlinks from websites that rank high on those countries! Also make sure your #WebHosting is located in that country or your website IP address is from it!

How to increase Google rankings for multiple keywords?
I wanna my #website to go up in #rankings and rank high for multiple #keywords please share your tips, tricks, tactics and techniques?