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Who is America's best and worst president?
I know North America had some good and bad presidents, however which president do you think was bad for U.S and which one was good for U.S? :001_confused:
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America's Best Dance Crew
Who is America's best dance crew winner? :001_glare:
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North America’s Top 10 Games
This "North America’s Top 10 Games" list it is based on just North America's video games market year 2013. 1. Halo 4 (Xbox 360) 2. Football Manager 2013...
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America's Most Watched: Top 26 Most Popular TV Shows 2012-2013
1. NCIS CBS 21.6 million 2. SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL NBC 21.0 million 3. THE BIG BANG THEORY CBS 19.0 million 4. NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 17.5 million ...
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