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Need BBCode full list?
Where can I find a complete list of BBCode?
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BBcode anchor link?
How to create an anchor link with BBcode. I have tried traditional way of creating clickable link but it simply shows like this: [code]<a href="http://let...
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How to enable BBCode or HTML in user custom fields MYBB?
Checking user custom fields on user profile for some reason links are not clickable I mean they remain as plain text do not turn into links looks like BBCode...
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Anchor BBCode and seo ?
How to create an anchor link or text link with BBCode? I have tried this format but doesn't work! [code][url=http://mywebsite.com]Text link[/url][/code] ...
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Anchor Link BBCode and SEO ?
I know that to increase the effectiveness of a backlink in SEO it's better to use HTML anchor link like this one: [code] <a href="http://URL">Anchor Text</a...
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