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mobile and desktop rankings?
Why my web-site Google search results ranking is different on mobile phone than on PC computer?
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How to Automatically Shut Down Computer?
Is there a way not to wait for some program to finish and set a timer that will shut down the windows after some time?
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Computer programming
Use of computers and programs on a daily basis. Computers have huge impact on our life and computer programs tell those computers what to do and how to do it...
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How to install Microsoft Windows 7?
My computer runs on Windows Vista and I would like to install windows 7 but I need help? I don't really have cash to buy new computer so instead I am just go...
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How to transfer files from my computer to web server?
Hi, sorry I am but I have just started with all this webmaster stuff and I need to know if there is a way to transfer files from my PC to my hosting account ...
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How to make my PC faster?
My computer characteristics are: [quote] Windows 7 64bit 4 GB RAM memory Intel® Core™ i3 Processor [/quote] It's very slow for some reason, how to m...
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How to Find a Computer's MAC, IP Address Windows 7 and Vista
Hi have you ever tried to find your computer's MAC or IP address? If you still don't know how to that this tutorial will help you: First method. 1. Go ...
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How to protect directory .htaccess
Hi it's me again this time I need help to protect my admin folder with .htaccess. My website has administrator control panel that is password protected but a...
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