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How to find duplicate files on my pc?
how to find duplicate files on my pc? There is any easy way to find them please share with us the trick.
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1 Website for 2 Offices?
A friend of mine has two dental offices which are located in two separate cities in the same state in the United States only about 10 minutes apart from eac...
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Duplicate content
How to solve duplicate content local SEO issues for multi-location businesses
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How to handle Duplicate content in website
Hello Friends, I have a website named "instamek". We provide Car mechanics services. I have more then 50+ cities with same service But I am facing the con...
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Internet marketing campaign duplicate content?
I am working on promoting my website (brand marketing) by posting the same content (adverting) on all website I mean I don't change a work juts same text on ...
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Showing recent posts on homepage will that cause a duplicate content issue?
Many websites show recent posts, articles on their home page but hold on isn't that duplicate content? Is it OK to do it and if so then what are the rules to...
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How Google handles duplicate content?
Duplicate content is bad for SEO I got that but what Google does with this kind of content. On discussion forums such posts get deleted but it doesn't appear...
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Duplicate subject?
I know duplicate content is bad but what about subject is it also have to be unique? What if I use the same title for my article as some high ranking one wil...
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Quoted text duplicate content?
Guys I run a small forum and users most of the time reply with quote which shows the same content twice in other words creates duplicate content is this bad ...
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Does Google tolerate duplicate content on forum sites?
There is no doubt in my mind we all know that duplicate content is pretty bad for SEO and Google will penalize any website that has a large amount of it. BUT...
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How to check if duplicate content?
I run a small forum site and many users post tutorials and articles but just recently I have realized that I need to be sure they don't copy content from oth...
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Duplicate meta tags?
Could anybody explain what duplicate meta tags means? Exploring my webmaster tools account I have stumbled upon HTML Improvements that says: [quote]Duplic...
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Google Duplicate Content ?
I have a question alright and it's about Google duplicate content. I know Google and pretty much all the search engines don't like duplicate content or scrap...
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