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Website footer links SEO?
Do footer links have some weight for Google what effects do they have in SEO?
Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics code header or footer?
I am not really sure where to put my Google Analytics tracking code so that it will not slow my site down won't reduce load time? Should it go in the header ...
Search Engine Optimization

Footer links to the other web sites SEO?
I want to include a couple of links in my web site footer to some sites that have my link in their footer what is the benefit and the downside of doing that?
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Regarding insert URL on Footer link
Placing our website URL on footer link of our client's website would help to improve our keyword ranking or not?
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How to make header and footer in html
Hi I have downloaded so many website templates and most of then had header and footer, my question is why do you need those and how to make header and footer?
How to Create a Website