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IMG tag vs CSS background property SEO?
For SEO which one is better img tag or CSS background property?
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seo - rel="nofollow" in iframe & img tags
I found out that image tag and iframe tag are followed and indexed by search engines so it is harming my SEO even though I have all my hyperlinks nofollow, h...
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Black Knight Satellite UFO?
That the hell is this Black Knight Satellite can this be the real UFO or it just misidentified space junk? [img]http://files.abovetopsecret.com/files/img/s...
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HTML img alt Attribute
What does img alt attribute mean and how is it different from title?
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HTML img tag
How to insert an image: [code] <img src="your-image.png" alt="your title" height="42" width="42" border="0"> [/code] Just remember to replace: "your-...
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