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Graphics Design
In graphic design, always expanding your knowledge will make more versatile and flexible designer. Technical macro skills like Typography, Page layout and Co...
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popular website layouts 2014-2015?
Website theme or a template is important I get that. Many websites use 2 column design, you get primary content on the left side and then on the right side y...
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Changing the code and web site layout of my pages affects rankings and SEO?
Is it a bad idea to regularly change website layout and source code? What Google thinks about that will that have some negative SEO effects if so how to then...
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Content above or below the fold - Page layout algorithm?
I have juts learned about his Page layout algorithm released by Google and it suppose to target webpages that have lots of content below the ford. What does ...
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How to see clicks - Adsense new layout?
Since Adsense switched to new layout I can't find half half of the things. I see estimated earnings but no clinks where can I see today's clicks? How do I se...
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A New Layout For Facebook Pages?
Looks like Facebook is planning to change their pages layout again. Now when you log into you Facebook page you get a message saying "Coming Soon: A New Layo...
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MyBB themes - free templates, styles, layouts and skins for MyBB
I have downloaded and installed mybb forum script but I don't really like it's default theme I would like to install another theme I really like theme that t...
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What is Google Page layout Algorithm
What is Google Page layout Algorithm?
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