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Which type of PayPal account to choose?
PayPal has 3 account types: [b]Personal account Premier account Business account[/b] Which one should I choose for people to sending money or to make...
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Paid via PayPal for a plugin and got scammed?
I have paid some dude through the PayPal and I received the confirmation email with all the details of the transaction yet the person that has the file says ...
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PayPal donation button earnings?
How much money can I expect to make with PayPal donate button? Is it an effective way to make free money?
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Why I can't send money to India via PayPal?
I am trying to send money to my business partner that lives in India using PayPal but get this message: [quote]We're sorry. We're not able to complete per...
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AlertPay vs PayPal?
Seems like there are 2 websites that can be used as online bank for online money transactions and payments but which one is better and why?
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Why PayPal payments show less money than the customer pays?
I am selling eBooks and each book costs $10 now when I check transactions on PayPal they show $9.30, 70 cents less why?
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How to edit PayPal Buy Now Button?
I have created a new "buy now" PayPal button and now I need to update some info but can't find it how please help?
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PayPal donation button?
How to create and then add to my site PayPal Donate button?
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PayPal account unverified?
How to verify my PayPal account and start receiving payments from my customers?
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Is PayPal account free to use, maintain and receive payments?
I would like to know if PayPal is a free service or to create an account you need to pay some fee? Also doe it have a maintenance cost? Lastly what about com...
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Add PayPal button to my website?
Should I add PayPal donate button to my website or this could be viewed as something negative?
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Buy Now Button and Donation Button PayPal?
How to create PayPal Buy Now Button and Donation Button? For now I need to create Donation Button because I want to add Donation Button to my website asking ...
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How to get paid through my Paypal account?
I have just created my first PayPal account and I need to know how do I get paid through PayPal account I mean is there a some kind of account number or some...
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How to set up a PayPal account?
Guys I need to create a PayPal account to receive a payment for someone how can I do it? Also how do I then transfer money for PayPal to my bank account? And...
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