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Need Graphics Designing Help
Hello Buddy!! Please tell me how to learn graphics designing. I don't know ABCD of graphics design but for my website promotion I need to create some face...
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Photoshop for Graffiti
Hey gang, I'm doing graffiti for some time now and looking for more efficient way to use Photoshop for it. .anyone got tips as to what to do ? Its all ab...
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How to photoshop color replacement?
I have a Photoshop version CS6 and CS5 is there a tool to replace color in the image or picture?
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how to edit gif images Photoshop?
I have download some gif images and I have Photoshop installed but I can't edit them the layer is locked how to duplicate the layer so that I can edit the pi...
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How to Create Rounded Corners in Photoshop?
I am working on a few website buttons and I need those buttons to have curved or rounder borders but I can't figure how to make rounded corners in Photoshop ...
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Photoshop compress images?
How to compress images for the website using Photoshop?
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Photoshop free - open source
I know Photoshop ain't free but are there some good open source and free alternatives to Photoshop?
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Photoshop how to remove background?
How is it possible to change background of image in Photoshop?
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