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Not mobile friendly maters?
Blah, Blah, Blah we all read and heard about making the site mobile friendly in order to get better rankings but is this really true I say it's BS. There ...
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google ranks responsive sites higher?
Is this true that Google is giving more ranking to websites that have responsive themes?
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Responsive design website vs normal rankings?
Do websites that have responsive theme or template rank higher in Google?
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What is a responsive website design?
My website gets no mobile traffic and in fact it doesn't even show on mobile SERP so I was suggested to make a "responsive design" but have no idea what that...
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Benefits of Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design gives consistent and optimized customer experience across all touch points. Creates single code base and one website for all on-line c...
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Anatomy of Responsive Design
Responsive mainly focused on following: Fluid Grids-A percentage based design that adapts according to screen size. Flexible Images-Images are sized in r...
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Why go for Responsive Design?
Responsive is new age of web designing Amazing User Experience Saves money and time Reach site to mobile users Enhanced performance Improved SEO and Mar...
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Responsive Design is Great
Responsive creates a single website for all type of devices and customer experiences. Websites reformat to fit the screen sizes of virtually every devices. I...
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