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How HTML validation affect SEO, rankings and PR?
Website with whole bunch of HTML errors i mean WC3 validator show some like 100+ errors how Google treats such sites and what are the SEO effects?
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WC3 Validator errors SEO?
According to WC3 validator my web site has 20 to 30 errors does this bad for SEO?
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w3 validator shows error which are not there?
What seems to be the problem here people? I have used w3 validator to check for errors and it shows 47 but then I check source code the error is not there I ...
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What is Valid Sitemap reference detected in Webmaster tools account?
What seems to be the problem? I have added the link to my sitemap inside it and now I get a message in my Google webmaster tools account '[b][i]Valid Sitemap...
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How to Validate geometries and interest in Google analytics?
I need to validate geometries and interest So How can do it? give best tips
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W3C Validation in SEO
Is W3C Validation important for SEO?
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