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WordPress Backup Plugin
WordPress Backup Plugin - Websites affects any of time. Adding backup plugin to the website is like having recovery. It backups your exports files, databases...
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Adding custom icons for mybb forum?
How can I show different custom icon for each forum in index home page without the need of using a plugin? Can this be done with template conditionals?
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How to adding flag in Who's online today ?
Hi ! Can you advise me , How can to adding a flag for every member in "Who's online today" section According to the member (no ip's) settings. I made [...
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CSS padding & margin order?
Hi I am playing with css margin and padding properties but I am not sure about the order? Is the correct order: [code]Top, Right, Bottom, Left[/code] Or [co...
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CSS Margin vs. Padding ?
I need you to help me out with CSS Margin and CSS Padding I have a basic idea about how CSS works but for some reason I can understand difference between mar...
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