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Avatar 2
What's up with the #Avatar 2 gust I thought it was scheduled to be revealed this 2016 right but now it seems to be scheduled to 2018 WTF how long do we have ...
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show green backcolor for avatar of online user
Hello How can I add green backcolor for avatar of a online user ? or black backcolor for an offline user
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How To Display Avatars in Search(Posts)?
Hello, I followed marcus' tutorial found here: letsforumdotcom/Thread-Display-Avatars-in-Threadlist-Search-like-XenForo But that only adds Avatars to t...
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How To Add Avatars To The User CP?
Hello, How could I add avatars to the UserCP under 'Your Latest Threads'? I have added avatars to forumdisplay and search, but how would I add it for t...
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Display Avatars in Threadlist & Search like XenForo
What's up ladies how are you doing today? So, what are we going to talk about here, today I will show you how you can show author avatar next to the thread i...
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