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Need Help In Cloud Hosting
Friends i am purchasing cloud hosting in bluehost.in. i do not have any knowledge about hosting i will be using only wordpress. plz help in solving my proble...
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Managed and Un-managed Servers: The Difference
[size=x-large][size=large][font=Times New Roman]Managed & Unmanaged Servers: The Difference One of the most frequent questions that we receive from potent...
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Who provides the nameserver when i want to host a domain?
Hello everyone, i have some trouble understand who provides the name server when i want to host a domain? Supposing a purchase a Domain from a third party...
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Do You Consider these Specifications Good Enough for a VPS Plan
AMD Dual Opteron 2216 $31.25 /Month CPU:AMD Dual Opteron 2216 RAM: 4GB HardDisk: 146GB SAS Bandwidth: 20T/1G IPs: 5 Country: United States
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